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[802.3_NGBASET] Question about Alien Cross Talk Rejection Test


Hi Hossein,


According to your comment at 802d3bz_D1p1_Clause_FINAL.pdf #6.


"should result in 32 dB of Salz SNR. When the insertion loss of the channel is at the limit line

defined in 126-10, noise power spectral density is -137 dBm/Hz and -127 dBm/Hz for 5G and

2.5G, respectivley"


The white noise level of alien cross talk rejection test is designed to meet Salz SNR 32dB. Since Salz SNR requirement has been changed to 28dB at D2.1, this white noise level is not appropriate for 5G and 2.5G. Should the noise level be reviewed ?




Jerome ext. 15413