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[802.3_RTPGE] IEEE P802.3bp Sponsor recirculation ballot 'Chair's standard offer'

Dear Task Force Participants,

The 1st Sponsor recirculation ballot has opened on IEEE P802.3bp/D3.1 with a
ballot close date of Thursday 18th February 2016 23:59 ET.

If you have joined the Sponsor ballot group and are planning to comment
further on the draft, please, follow the instructions provided on the
myBallot portal <> under
'Balloting' -> 'myBallot Home' -> 'Manage myBallot Activity'.

If you did not join the Sponsor ballot group, but still would like to
comment on the draft, it will save the task force officers significant
effort if you would send your comments to Marek Hajduczenia
<marek.hajduczenia@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> for inclusion in the ballot by Monday
15th February 2016 AOE. Such comments will be identified in the comment
field as coming from you, and like all comments from outside the ballot
group will be non-binding. 

A web page containing the instructions on how to do this and the spreadsheet
that you will need to use to enter your comments is available at

Best Regards,
Steve Carlson
Chair, IEEE P802.3bp Task Force