IEEE P802.3 Ethernet over LAPS liaison Ad hoc

Ethernet over LAPS

LAPS is "Link Access Protocol over SDH". It is a variant of HDLC. It was created and standardized in the ITU by the Peoples Republic of China (PRC). Ethernet over LAPS was a MAC/PHY created by the PRC specifically for data switches so that they could use "Ethernet" ubiquitously over their SDH based optical network. This was first presented to 802.3 at Montreal in July of '99 as a liaison from ISO/ITU. An ad hoc was formed but the work of the ad hoc did not receive favorable support, and the response was tabled. There has been additional work that has been done on the proposed standard and a new liaison response has been requested from 802.3 by the ITU before December 2000. This information should be in the minutes of the various 802.3 Plenary meetings since July '99.

Roy Bynum ( )
IEEE P802.3 Ethernet over LAPS liaison Chair

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