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In September 2000, the Chair of IEEE P802.3ae (10 Gigabit Ethernet) authorized the formation of an Ad Hoc group dedicated to the study of Equalization. To obtain the context and background, please see some related presentations at:




The agenda of the Equalization Ad Hoc Group is to submit a feasibility report to P802.3ae by March 2001. This feasibility report will include experimental and analytical investigation and recommendations about using electrical adaptive equalization to overcome:


- Polarization Mode Dispersion in singlemode fiber optic links. The 1550 nm link is expected to be longer than 40 kilometers.


- Severe DMD, resulting from anomalous refractive index profiles, present in the installed base of some multimode fibers.


One of the key issues to be investigated will be the nature and extent of time invariance (or lack of it) of the impulse response of fiber as a channel. Combined effect of lasers and fiber will also need to be addressed.


Both Serial and WDM implementations may benefit from this study. The study will assume that the binary OOK nature of transmitter is maintained, and equalization function is added in the receiver only. Such links would have the potential to be backward compatible with, but support longer distances than, the 802.3ae links.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.





Vipul Bhatt

Chair, Equalization Ad Hoc

IEEE P802.3ae


Email: vipul.bhatt@finisar.com

Phone: (408) 542-4113


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