April 2006 Interim Week
P802.3an Task Force Meeting

Apr. 12, 2006
Santa Clara, CA

Document Presenter(s) Representing
all_files.zip *updated*
19-Apr-06; 460K
Unapproved Minutes *new*
13-Apr-06; 30K
Agenda and General Information *updated*
12-Apr-06; 126K
Brad Booth Quake Technologies
TIA TR-42 Liaison Presentation to IEEE
6-Apr-06; 66K
Sterling Vaden Superior Modular Products
Comments received on D3.2
9-Apr-06; 37K
Proposed responses on D3.2
10-Apr-06; 40K
Comment responses on D3.2 *new*
18-Apr-06; 72K
Document: Proposed draft liaison letter to ISO
5-Apr-06; 52K
Henri Koeman Fluke Networks
Suggested new clause formulation
5-Apr-06; 104K
Henri Koeman Fluke Networks
ISO response to item 3 on 3N779 *new*
13-Apr-06; 5K
Document: Ungerboeck comments on D3.2
9-Apr-06; 75K
Scott Powell Broadcom
Changes to 28B *new*
12-Apr-06; 14K


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