IEEE P802.3ar Congestion Management Task Force

January 2006 Interim Meeting Materials

Chandler, Arizona

Zip file containing all meeting materials shown below (183k) Updated 11-January-2006

# Name Organization Description Filename (size)
January minutes -unapproved ar_minutes_0601.pdf (30k)
New 11-January-2006
1 Kevin Daines World Wide Packets Agenda and general information ar_agenda_1_0601_post.pdf (141k)
2 Hugh Barrass Cisco Systems D1.0 comments w/ proposed responses 802.3ar_D1.0_proposed_responses.pdf (19k)
3 Hugh Barrass Cisco Systems D1.0 comments w/ resolutions 802.3ar_D1.0_comments_resolutions.pdf (20k)
New 11-January-2006

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