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IEEE P802.3bs 200 GbE & 400 GbE Task Force

  Plenary Meeting Material
Sept 2017, Charlotte, NC, USA

Meeting Materials

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     13-Sept 17 (7.4M)

General Information

Agenda and General Information
     12-Sept 17 (320k)
John D'Ambrosia Futurewei, subsidiary of Huawei
Chief Editor's Opening Report
     12-Sept 17 (50k)
Pete Anslow Ciena
Chief Editor's Closing Report
     12-Sept 17 (148k)
Pete Anslow Ciena
SMF Ad Hoc
     06-Sept 17 (17k)
Pete Anslow Ciena
Electrical Interface Ad hoc
     08-Sept 17 (44k)
Andre Szczepanek Independent
Unapproved Meeting Minutes
     13-Sept 17 (81k)
John D'Ambrosia Futurewei, subsidiary of Huawei

Liaisons & Communications

Communication from OIF - FlexE 2.0 Implementation Agreement
     Attachment (802.3 Password protected)
Communication from OIF to IEEE P802.3bs and P802.3cd regarding progress on CEI-56G-MR-PAM and CEI-56G-LR-PAM projects
     Attachment 1 (802.3 Password protected)
     Attachment 2 (802.3 Password protected)

Meeting Presentations

Comments r03-5, r03-6, r03-8, & r03-7: In Support of OMA and TDECQ min comments
    07-Sept 17 (719k)
Brian Welch Luxtera
Comment r03-12, r03-45, r02-21: The high-frequency pole of the reference CTLE in Annex 120E
     10-Sept 17 (1.7M)
Yasuo Hidaka Fujitsu Lab of America
Comment r03-12: 400GAUI-8 C2M TP1a Eye Measurement Data
     09-Sept 17 (1.7M)
Jane Lim
Pirooz Tooyserkani
Comments r01-42, r02-47, r03-42, r03-45, r03-46: C2M spec consistency and tolerancing
     07-Sept 17 (225k)
Piers Dawe Mellanox
Comments r01-41/r02-44/r03-32, r03-34: C2C return loss
     11-Sept 17 (341k)
Piers Dawe Mellanox
Improved optical power specs for 200GBASE-DR4 and 400GBASE-DR4
     07-Sept 17 (226k)
Piers Dawe Mellanox
TDECQ - Optimizing time center of Eye
    13-Sept 17 (502k)
Jonathan King
Marco Mazzini
Marlin Viss
TDECQ versus real receiver slope
     07-Sept 17 (1.2M)
Marco Mazzini
Matt Traverso
Jonathan King
Marlin Viss
Package impedance and termination effect on COM  (update based on D3.3 and revised COM code)
     12-Sept 17 (669k)
Mike Dudek
Nikhil Patel
Relaxing TDECQ for SMF PMDs with PAM4
     11-Sept 17 (337k)
K Tamura
M Akashi

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