IEEE P802.3bz 2.5G/5GBASE-T Task Force

Meeting Materials
September 15-16, 2015
Bonita Springs, Florida, USA

Meeting Materials  17-Sept-2015  3.3MB

General Information

Agenda and General Information (rev a)

David Chalupsky

Architecture ad hoc report

Peter Jones Cisco

ENUCA ad hoc report

German Feyh Broadcom

Use Case ad hoc report

Chris DiMinico MC Communications

Chief Editor's Report

George Zimmerman CME Consulting

Unapproved Minutes

Jon Lewis
Liaisons and Communications

TR42-2015-10-116_Outgoing_Liaison_to_IEEE_802.3bz_re_TSB-5021_Draft 0.1d.pdf  08-Sept-2015

SC25_N2459_to_IEEE_802d3_2.5-5GBASE-T.pdf    15-Sept-2015

TF approved informal communication to ISO/IEC SC25 WG3     16-Sept-2015

TF approved informal communication to TIA TR42     16-Sept-2015


Title Post Date Presenter  Affiliation
Salz SNR Text and Procedure 13-Sept-2015 George Zimmerman CME Consulting, Commscope, Aquantia
Salz SNR calculation for 2.5G and 5GBASE-T over unequal-length channels of Cat5e/6 cabling with various bundling distances 12-Sept-2015 Richard Mei Commscope
1000BASE-T Transmitter PSDs and 2.5/5G Salz SNR (rev a) 16-Sept-2015 Pete Cibula Intel
SNR Criteria proposed text 15-Sept-2015 Chris DiMinico MC Communications, Panduit
Calibration Proposal for Annex 113A 12-Sept-2015 Bryan Moffitt Commscope
working docs      
draft_informal_communication_802.3bz_to_tia_tr42.doc 16-Sept-2015    
draft_informal_communication_802.3bz_to_iso-iec_sc25_wg3.doc 16-Sept-2015    
proposed schedule 16-Sept-2015 David Chalupsky Intel
draft_informal_communication_802.3bz_to_iso-iec_sc25_wg3_a.pdf 16-Sept-2015    
draft_informal_communication_802.3bz_to_tia_tr42_a.pdf 16-Sept-2015    



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