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Re: [802.3_50G] Nomenclature...

To help the nomenclature issue, I’ve translated the 50G and 200G  MMF baseline proposals to help avoid the confusion between roman and Arabic numbering.


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From: Brad Booth [mailto:bbooth@xxxxxxxx]
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Subject: [802.3_50G] Nomenclature...


Given that this topic has become a very entrenched discussion, I thought I'd share some lighter (as in humorous) data from the past.


Prior to 802.3ae creating the roman numerals and giving re-birth to the long dead AUI acronym, there was discussion in the 10G study group about the new interfaces that would be required.


Howard Frazier, Rich Taborek and many others were working on the baseline specifications for these interfaces. Howard showed a case where there were two interfaces: one parallel and the other serial. The parallel interface was between the PCS and RS, and the serial was between the PMA and PMD. The PCS and PMA were considered to be combined.


The parallel interface was to the host, and the serial interface to the line. The nomenclature they created for the host interface was HARI and for the serial interface was SALI.


And the PCS/PMA is where HARI met SALI. :-)


Begs the question: what would call these interfaces now if we'd gone with HARI and SALI?





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