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[802.3_50G] MPO-16 ad-hoc consensus result

P802.3bs and P802.3cd participants,


Please find attached the proposed liaison letter that resulted from discussion of the ad-hoc that met today at 11 a.m.


A high-level summary of the changes follows.  The subject of the letter was made more generic.  As such, it no longer is specific to the MPO-16, but instead makes a request for minimum return loss performance from array connectors in general.  As a result the content has been considerably streamlined. 


Please review and send comments to me.



Paul Kolesar


Attachment filename: IEEE_802d3_to_TIA_TR-42_re_return_loss_of_array_interfaces_d3p0.docx


Attachment: IEEE_802d3_to_TIA_TR-42_re_return_loss_of_array_interfaces_d3p0.docx
Description: IEEE_802d3_to_TIA_TR-42_re_return_loss_of_array_interfaces_d3p0.docx