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[802.3_50G] Minutes uploaded and next steps

Dear Colleagues,

The minutes from last week’s plenary meeting have been uploaded:

We made some excellent progress last week and I wanted to summarize the next steps for the Task Force heading into the September meeting.

Our newly adopted Timeline is available at: 

With the adoption of 5 more baselines (50 Gb/s  and 100 Gb/s RS/MII, PCS, FEC and PMA; EEE; Auto-Negotiation; Copper twin-axial cable, MDI, TX/RX PCB IL, and test fixture; and PAM4 training) and the refinement on the AUI baseline, we’re on track to be ready to generate D1.0 out of the September meeting.

We still have a few baselines that require proposals to be adopted and I encourage the various champions to work effectively through the ad hocs or off line to bring well supported proposals and supporting evidence to September so the TF can assess and hopefully adopt.  The main baselines outstanding are:
  • Electrical cable/backplane COM baseline
  • 100G 100m MMF
  • 100G 500m SMF
  • 100G 2km SMF
All of these objectives already have had proposals presented to the TF so the work remains to bring those towards adoption or to present alternatives as soon as possible.

As was discussed during last week’s TF meeting, the 100G 2km SMF baseline has two candidate baseline proposals being considered and if the baseline proposal that includes the 1x 100G lane is to be adopted it is also necessary for the CSD (Criteria for Standards Development) responses to be updated and approved by the TF at the same time. As you can see in the current CSD these were written in Jan 2016 when we had no 100G SMF objectives in our project so the anticipated technology choices described in the document may be different from what might be adopted by the TF now.  This needs to be reconciled.

The specific language changes to update the CSD responses are not expected to be a challenge to develop, as the TF can look to the P802.3bs TF’s CSD responses as a guide since they have adopted similar technologies already. However the evidence supporting the responses will definitely need to be brought forward for the TF to consider in order to have any new CSD responses adopted.  As usual the Broad Market Potential, Economic Feasibility and Technical Feasibility sections are the most scrutinized.  The failure to adopt the 100G 2km SMF objective in the Working Group Closing Plenary last week doesn’t change any of this work that needs to be done by the TF.  The WG decision is telling the Task Force to complete this work.

Please consider using the ad hoc meetings as a chance to preview and build consensus on all of these baseline proposals and supporting contributions.

As outlined in Matt Brown’s Editorial Considerations presentation this project will be a very large editorial effort!  We’ve adopted a timeline that targets a release of D1.0 out of the September meeting and, based on the baselines already adopted and those anticipated to be adopted in September, this should happen.  In fact, some editors are already working on sections today based on what we have.  If we do not manage to fully adopt baselines for all of the outstanding work, I do not expect that we will delay D1.0 but it will put more pressure on those outstanding areas to bring in very solid baseline proposals when we eventually adopt so the editorial team can quickly integrate and so the TF can review and refine.

Lastly, on logistics for September.  An official meeting announcement will go out soon with details.  The P802.3cd TF will start meeting on Wednesday Sept 14th.  It will start immediately after the 802.3bs TF completes its work but will start no later than 1pm.  We are schedule to go all day Thursday and Friday, but knowing that we are likely to lose many people on Friday afternoon due to travel constraints, we will manage the agenda as efficiently as we can in order to complete our work in the early afternoon of Friday the 16th.  More specific details won’t be possible until we get closer to the meeting.

If anyone has any questions on the above, please feel free to contact me.