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[802.3_50G] P802.3cd D1.1 proposed comment responses posted

Hi Everyone,


The proposed responses for the received comments on D1.1 have been posted here:


We will be reviewing these next week and adopting changes in order to generate D1.2.  Please note that a “bucket” list of comments has been posted.  The comments included in this list are deemed to be non-controversial by the editorial team and we will adopt them as a group at the close of the comment resolution work.  Please review the comments that are included in the bucket list and if you would like to have the comment pulled from the list and reviewed individually please let Matt, Kent or myself know.


A huge thanks, as always, to the editorial team for their hard work in getting these proposed comment responses ready!  Thanks to Matt Brown, Adee Ran, Arthur Marris, Gary Nicholl, Peter Stassar, Jonathan King, and Chris Diminico.