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[802.3_50G] 802.3cd TF update

Dear colleagues,


For those that missed the ad hoc today, I’d like to provide a quick email update to the TF ahead of next week’s meeting.  There are a few things I’d like to be sure people know.


Firstly, I will not be attending the Vancouver meeting myself due to family commitments.  Kent Lusted will be acting chair and for the meeting.  I know Kent will do a great job.  Thank you Kent for taking on the duties!


Secondly, given the logistical challenges of handling the number of comments we received on D1.2, we have not presubmitted the draft to the WG for WG Ballot approval in March.  This will therefore be a regular TF meeting to resolve the comments against D1.2 in order to generate D1.3.  We will ask for approval from the TF to presubmit the D1.3 to the WG in May to request moving to WG ballot then.


Finally, logistics.  We will meet starting on Monday morning @ 8am (before the Working Group Opening Plenary). We will recommence after lunch on Monday and will be in two tracks on Monday PM and Tuesday AM.  With the workload we have it is likely that the editors will want/need to work into the evenings to complete the work.