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[802.3_50G] 答复: [802.3_50G] Relating DER, BER and Q in Draft 1.2

Hi Vinu,

I'm not sure how the DER0 and BER values are derived for CR, but to my understanding the basic consideration should be same with other. You can refer to "ran_020415_25GE_adhoc" for DER0 calculation. and "cideciyan_02a_1111" for PreFEC BER calculation for radom error.

As to the Q=5E-5, you can get it by Q(3.8906) there Q(x) is the Q function defined in Equation 95-1 and in mathematical also 0.5*erfc(x/sqrt(2)).

Hope a some helpful for you and may be someone can provide more details for the calculation process.

Best Regards!

Yang Zhiwei

Senior SI and Architecture Engineer, ZTE

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日 期 :2017年03月18日 06:02
主 题 :[802.3_50G] Relating DER, BER and Q in Draft 1.2


Table 136-13 has a DER value of 1E-4. 136.1         specifies BER of 2.4E-4.
        calculates Q for 5E-5.

Could someone please point to the contribution(s) that relate       these values?