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Re: [802.3_50G] Announcing D1.3 availability and 3rd recirculation of Task Force Review

Dear colleagues,


A reminder that the D1.3 review closes tomorrow.  You will hopefully have seen Mr Law’s email pre-submitting this draft to the 802.3 Working Group ahead of the May meeting and our anticipated request for approval to move to Working Group ballot.


We will be addressing any comments received in this review cycle in May ahead of the request for approval.





On 4/13/17, 2:35 PM, "Mark Nowell (mnowell)" <mnowell@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:


Dear Colleagues,


This email is announcing the availability of P802.3cd D1.3 for the third recirculation of the Task Force Review.


The D1.3 Task Force Review period will close on Thursday 4th May, 2017 AOE. As always in Task Force Review, the goal is to achieve a technically complete document so please focus your review on the key issues and gaps in the document (e.g. TBDs, TBCs, magenta text).  As discussed during the Task Force meeting at the March Plenary, we are targeting requesting approval to move to Working Group Ballot at the May interim Working Group meeting.  The key criteria for this will be to have a technically complete document with no open TBDs etc. 


As we have discussed for the last 3 meeting cycles, we have been using magenta coloring during our Task Force Review as a guide to highlight values that may still be open for consideration or need further scrutiny.  Since this isn’t an IEEE 802.3 Working Group practice, we will revert to the usual black text for presenting the draft to the WG for approval and in on-going drafts. Please review the magenta items in the draft and come prepared to discuss them during comment resolution in May.   


Thank you for your time and effort in reviewing the updated draft.


Please let me know if you have any questions.


*** DETAILS ***

Instructions for accessing the draft and submitting comments are below.  Please take a moment to review these instructions, as following them will help the editors respond more efficiently.



The scope of the review is the entire IEEE P802.3cd D1.3 Draft.

REVIEW OPEN: Thursday, 13th April, 2017

REVIEW CLOSE: Thursday 4th May, 2017  AOE



The draft is posted for Task Force review purposes only, and neither the draft nor access information should be copied or redistributed to others in violation of document copyrights.

Draft 1.3 may be downloaded from:



Username: 802.3cd

Password: distributed at meetings – contact Chair (mnowell@xxxxxxxxx) if you need it.

(The 802.3 common username/password will work)

Please submit comments against the above draft.


A comparison file between IEEE P802.3cd D1.3 and D1.2 is also provided to both focus and ease your review. Please DO NOT comment on this comparison document. This draft may be downloaded from:




Acceptable comment types:

E = Editorial

T = Technical


1. Prepare your comments in one of the following three ways. You are STRONGLY REQUESTED to use either the comment tool or spreadsheet. A comment entry tutorial is available at

a. Access the comment tool at the URL (last updated 16th September 2015):

To use the tool, extract all components into a folder and do not move any component from that folder as this will cause the executable to not work correctly. The tool is:


b. Access the comment spreadsheet at the URL:

c. To submit comments in text (ASCII) form, please use the form below. This will make it possible for the editor to properly record and track all submissions. Make as many copies of the template as necessary and submit as an ASCII text file or as part of your e-mail. Please use this method only if the previous two methods are not practical.

PLEASE NOTE: The ASCII method involves a manual transcription, hence you are recommended to check your comments to ensure accurate transcription when the comment file is made available.


Please use one of the comment tools above if possible.



CommentID: (Leave Blank)










CommentType: (E, or T)





--------------------end comment template------------------


2. Send your comments to: mnowell@xxxxxxxxx and Matt.Brown@xxxxxxxxx  

and paste into the subject line: IEEE P802.3cd 50Gb/s, 100 Gb/s, and 200 Gb/s Ethernet Task Force Review  D1.3 comments

This can be done with this link: mailto:matt.brown@xxxxxxxxx?cc=mnowell@xxxxxxxxx&subject=IEEE%20P802.3cd%2050Gb/s,%20100Gb/s,%20and%20200Gb/s%20Ethernet%20Task%20Force%20Review%20D1.3%20comments   


Thank you for your participation in this review and careful review of the draft.


Mark Nowell, Chair, IEEE P802.3cd 50Gb/s, 100 Gb/s, and 200 Gb/s Ethernet Task Force

Email: mnowell@xxxxxxxxx


Matt Brown, Chief Editor, IEEE P802.3cd 50Gb/s, 100 Gb/s, and 200 Gb/s Ethernet Task Force

Email: Matt.Brown@xxxxxxxxx