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[802.3_50G] 802.3cd D3.0 TDECQ Actions

Dear colleagues,


I wanted to share an update out of the work from the optical track today.


For those that were not there, the group considered comments to modify the TDECQ methodology based on an optimized threshold adjustment approach.  Based on the number of remaining open technical questions and the need for detailed suggested document changes, the current comments were rejected.  However, a Straw Poll taken by the group indicated that there was interest in continuing the work to determine if a consensus position to change the specifications could be made.


A small group pulled together some work items they believe are needed ahead of the March meeting.


1/ Keysight to make adjustable threshold TDECQ software available – Greg

2/ How much threshold change is required? Send waveforms to David at Keysight – Everyone

3/ Compare fixed threshold (D3.0) with unlimited adjustment and with 2% limit of threshold adjustment – Greg/David

4/ Re-do SRS with Tx with high(ish) TDECQ with fixed threshold and added range of stressors.  Repeat with adjustable threshold to get lower TDECQ and then add increased range of stressors and re-measure SRS – Frank, Kohichi

5/ Can Credo do 5T measurements – Scott

6/ Impact of RLM on Rx sensitivity data – Frank, Kohichi

7/ Frank to contact AOI to get “outlier” waveform to send to Keysight


If anyone who is interested in contributing to or adding to the list please reach out so you can be connected to the stakeholders.


I’d also encourage the same effort be put together on the other open topic around additional SRS testing.