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[802.3_10SPE] meeting times in November

I have had a number of questions about meeting times in November.  802.3cg will start Monday afternoon and run through Wednesdya noon. (if we have more contributions and work to make progress, I will see about extending).


In addition, there is the opening plenary on Monday late morning (before 802.3cg), the closing plenary Thursday afternoon (1-6 or whenever we finish – there are 4 CFIs so it could run long).  On Tuesday night, there are 4 CFIs, one of which is for the additional use cases for 10SPE.  That CFI will be voted on in the plenary (at the end of the meeting) Thursday evening, so you may want to plan to stick around for that.  If you are up for 802.3 voting rights this meeting, you probably want to attend the opening plenary to get them.




George Zimmerman, Ph.D.

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