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[8023-CMTF] Next steps: September interim...

For those that missed the 802.3 WG closing plenary in San Diego last week, I'd recommend you read an earlier post from me with the subject "Status of P802.3ar". It is intended to provide a quick summary.
Now, we need to think about where we are going (literally). After the Tuesday afternoon meeting, I floated the idea of co-locating with IEEE 802.1 in York, UK September 26-29, 2006. Several TF memebrs replied that they thought it was a good idea. I then discussed the proposal with Tony Jeffree (IEEE 802.1 chair) , Mick Seaman (802.1 Interworking TG chair), and John Messenger (meeting host). I received the green light to co-locate.
Given that several TF members have interest in 802.1 congestion management, the plan to co-locate with 802.1 (as we have done a few times) seemed to make the most sense. However, this was before the failed motions to approve the revised TF objectives and Broad Market Potential criterion.
It was suggested that 802.3ar co-locate with 802.3 in Montreal/Ottawa in September (the week of the 18th) in the hopes of educating and convincing more 802.3 WG members to support the project. It was suggested the TF could invite members of other TFs to attend a potentially non-overlapping meeting. Nothing has been arranged yet however.

So, I would like to poll the TF, binary question:
Do you prefer 802.3ar co-locates with 802.3 in Montreal/Ottawa, September 2006 (week of 18th)?
Do you prefer 802.3ar co-locates with 802.1 in York, 26-29 September 2006?
Please respond by replying to this thread. Thanks.
Kevin Daines
Chair, P802.3ar TF