IEEE 802.3ah
Ethernet in the First Mile
Task Force

September 2002, New Orleans, LA

Special Security Session Presentation Materials




Presentation Title

1 Dolors Sala Broadcom Agenda and Meeting Objectives
2 Bob Gaglianello Lucent  MPCP: Multip-Point Control Protocol for EPONs
3 Brian Ford /Kent Mccammon BellSouth/SBC Security Objectives for Ethernet Passive Optical Networks (EPON) 
4 Antti Pietilainen Nokia Security Threats and Defense Models in EPON
5 Mani Mahalingam Avaya Comparative Analysis of Link Security Mechanisms
6 Antti Pietilainen Nokia Special Characteristics of P2MP EPON
7 Onn Haran Passave EPON Properties for Security
8 Bob Gaglianello Lucent Security for EPONs and Packet Size: A High Level View
9 Antti Pietilainen Nokia Key Exchange During Autodiscovery
10 Dan Romascanu Avaya The Case for an IEEE 802 Security TAG
11 Norm Finn Cisco A Problem Statement
12 Dolors Sala Broadcom Proposed Ethernet Security PAR and 5 Criteria
Dolors Sala Broadcom Session Summary and Next Steps

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