IEEE 802.3ah
Ethernet in the First Mile
Task Force

September, 2003, Porto Novo, Le March Italy

Presentation Materials

General Session Materials




Presentation Title

1 reserved all presentation files in zip
2 Howard Frazier Agenda and General Information (opening session)
3 Howard Frazier Document restructing
4 PAR and 5 Criteria
5 Project Objectives 
6 Scott Simon Minutes of September, 2003 meeting
7 Scott Simon Minutes of July, 2003 meeting
8 Comments received on IEEE Draft P802.3ah/D2.0
10 Letter from ITU-T SG 13
11 Response to ITU-T SG 13
15 Wael William Diab Cisco Systems Editor In Chief's Report
      oam files
      copper files
      p2mp files
      optics files

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