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[802.3_DIALOG] OIF CEI-28G-VSR Response Ad Hoc: Topics for Discussion

Dear Ad Hoc Members,

At the last call I highlighted a number of issues that the OIF had identified in its liaison as topics for discussion.  I have participated in a number of conversations that have focused on the connector issue, and  I wanted to throw to the general reflector to try and get some conversation going. 


The connector question is obviously a tricky one.  In my opinion it would be natural for there to be a desire to re-use the QSFP connector for a 4x25 application.  However, given that the IEEE P802.3ba TF had to look for potential improvements in the connector performance in order to meet the jitter requirements needed for unretimed applications, I think that there is some concern regarding the ability of the QSFP connector to perform at 25 to 28 Gb/s. 


Obviously, this is a tough question to resolve, given how much we don’t know yet regarding 25 to 28G signaling.  My own personal opinion is that we need to be careful.  We shouldn’t assume one way or the other regarding any connector’s ability to support this rate of operation. 


What are opinions of people within the ad hoc?


John D’Ambrosia