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[802.3_DIALOG] OIF CEI-28G-VSR Response Ad Hoc June 29, 2010 Meeting

OIF CEI-28G-VSR Response Ad Hoc Meeting: June 29, 2010

Meeting notes prepared by John D’Ambrosia



John D’Ambrosia, Force10 Networks (Chair)

Tim Warland, Applied Micro

Matt Brown, Applied Micro

Steve Trowbridge, Alcatel-Lucent

Adam Healey, LSI

Rita Horner, Avago

Andre Szczepanek, Inphi

David Law, 3COM

Tom Palkert, Luxtera / Xilinx

Petar Pepeljugoski, IBM

Greg McSorley, Amphenol

Ali Ghiasi, Broadcom

Wael Diab, Broadcom

Iain Robertson, TI

Sharon Lutz, US Conec

Mike Fogg, Tyco

Rod Smith, Tyco

Jonathan King, Finisar

Joe Dambach, Molex

Beth Donnay, Force10 Networks

Ken Ly, Cisco

Farzin Firoozmand, Semtech

Frank Chang, Vitesse

Chris Di Minico, 3M Communications

Rick Rabinovich, Alcatel-Lucent

George Noh, Vitesse

Lloyd Budd, Nexans

Jon Anderson, Opnext

Jitendra Mohan, National Semi

Nathan Tracy, Tyco

Galen Fromm, Molex

Piers Dawe, IPTronics

Oren Sala, Mellanox

John Petrilla, Avago

Charles Moore, Avago

Mike Dudek, QLogic

Vittal Balasubramanian, FCI

Marco Mazzini, Cisco

Dave Hess, Nexans

Scott Kipp, Brocade

Charlie Staley, 3M

Mark Lettang, 3M

Ziad Hatab, Vitesse


Link for patent policy shown.  Call for patents done.  No one came forward.


Submitted Presentations

1.       John D’Ambrosia, Force10 Networks – Ad Hoc: OIF CEI-28G-VSR Liaison Response, dambrosia_01_0610.pdf

2.       John D’Ambrosia, Force10 Networks – OIF CEI-28G-VSR and the IEEE 802.3ba-2010 Architecture, dambrosia_02_0610.pdf

3.       Mike Dudek, Qlogic – Investigation of limiting solutions for 850nm 16GFC, 09-030v0.pdf

4.       Francois Tremblay, Gennum - Module retiming and power IEEE29thJune V6s.pdf

5.       Ali Ghiasi, Broadcom – Evolution of 100G Host to Module, ghiasi_01_0610.pdf

6.       Greg McSorley, Amphenol – QSFP Data, AMPHENOL QSFP data.pdf

7.       Mike Fogg, Tyco – 28Gb/s I/O Update, fogg_01_0610.pdf

8.       Galen Fromm, Molex – 25G QSFP Variant, Fromm_01_0610.pdf


Presentations may be found at  Ad hoc members were reminded that discussions should be directed to the 802.3 Working Group Dialog Reflector.  (To subscribe to the reflector see


An additional request for presentation time was made by Takeshi Mishimura, Yamaichi.


The group heard Presentations 1 – 5 listed above.  Due to time limitations, connector presentations (6 – 8 and request from Mishimura) will be heard at an additional meeting on Thursday July 9 from 11am to 1pm (Eastern).  Details for call will be sent out.


General discussions –

·         General agreement about 25Gb/s electrical interface to support Clause 88, but recognition that future 10Gb/s PMDs will need 25Gb/s based interfaces.  (It is anticipated that this statement will undergo further word-smithing by the ad hoc).  At this time though only Clause 88 can be pointed to for input to OIF.

·         Conversation regarding recognition of need for retimed and partial / non-retimed interfaces.  Application loss / reach was discussed in general terms for the two types of applications with references to previous presentation by Gary Nicholl to 802.3ba in July 2008.  Also, if retiming is added, then longer lengths should be considered.

·         Thought needs to be given to how we proceed – or there could be an unnecessary proliferation of interfaces.  John / Ali’s presentations stressed separating the two types of interfaces in order to make forward progress.  Ali suggested looking at the development of the two interfaces in two phases – phase 1 – retimed interfaces for chip-to-chip and chip to module and phase 2 – partial / non-retimed interfaces

·         Reminder to group that it is anticipated that the Working Group chair will rule the motion to approve the liaison response as technical, thus requiring 75% or greater approval.