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[802.3_DIALOG] IEEE PC62.69 Surge Parameters of Isolating Transformers Used in Networking Devices and Equipment

Dear Colleagues,

As I reported at the IEEE 802.3 opening plenary in July the IEEE recently approved a PAR for IEEE PC62.69 'IEEE Standard for the Surge Parameters of Isolating Transformers Used in Networking Devices and Equipment.'. For more information about this PAR please see <>.

Based on this I was also asked for information about the next meeting of the IEEE PES SPDC WG3.6.2 on PC62.69, this information is available at <>. I was also asked what the process was to receive notice of when the balloting group is being formed. To do this please login to myProject <>, click on the 'Manage Activity Profile' link to access your activity profile. IEEE PC62.69 can be found under 'IEEE Power and Energy Society', then 'Surge Protective Devices/Low Voltage', then '3.6.2 LV Solid State Surge Protective Components WG ', then 'Standard for the Surge Parameters of Isolating Transformers Used in Networking Devices and Equipment'. Tick the box on the left for this activity and then hit 'CONTIUE'.

Finally Mick Maytum, the IEEE PC 62.69 Working Group Chair, has very kindly provided further information about the project that I've attached below.

Best regards,


The next face-to-face meeting of the IEEE PES SPDC WG3.6.2 will be at SPDC meeting which takes place at Marriott on Sand Key, Clearwater Beach during 20-24 October 2013. Closer to the meeting date a meeting notice and schedule will be posted at <> and even closer to the meeting date a WG3.6.2 Meeting Agenda will be posted in the WG3.6.2 public contributions area. There isn't a direct URL for this. You have to:

1.	Browse to
2.	Click "Public"
3.	Scroll down to the low-voltage sub-committee 3.6
4.	Click SC3.6
5.	Scroll down to WG3.6.2
6.	Click WG3.6.2
7.	Click Agendas

Within the WG3.6.2 folder there is a PC62.69_TF-69 folder which will contain any Public contributions to PC62.69. Most of the WG contributions and the draft standards will be in a Private WG3.6.2 members only area.

Currently the first draft of the 33 page PC62.69 is being reviewed by the WG3.6.2 members. The review and comment period closes on 20 August (2013). The aim is to have the draft document through the IEEE-SA MEC review and in the process of going to ballot by the next meeting.

The topics covered and the rationales of PC62.69 are mostly contained in the IEEE PES SPDC Forum at <>. This thread has had over 1300 views, which is amazing for such a specialist topic.

When PC62.69 is nearly complete WG3.6.2 will submit a new PAR called something like PC62.42.7 Guide for the Application of Surge-Protective Components in Surge Protective Devices and Equipment Ports - Part 7 High Frequency Isolation Transformers. Incorporated in this will be recommendations on how to select the insulation rated impulse voltage for various situations.