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[802.3_DIALOG] Updates in relation to the IEEE 802.3 March 2017 plenary

Dear Colleagues,

I want to provide a number of updates in relation to the IEEE 802.3 March 2017 plenary as follows.

Best regards,

IEEE 802.3 Multi-Gig Automotive Ethernet PHY Study Group

Study Group home page: <>

At the IEEE 802.3 Multi-Gig Automotive Ethernet PHY Study Group interim meeting held on 21st and 22nd February 2017 the Study Group agreed to three additional draft objectives. The draft PAR and CSD remain unchanged. These documents are all pending IEEE 802.3 Working Group approval at the upcoming plenary meeting prior to seeking approval of both the PAR and CSD by the IEEE 802 LMSC Executive committee. The unchanged draft PAR and CSD, and updated draft objectives, can be accessed as follows:

Draft PAR request: <>
Draft CSD: <>
Draft objectives: <> 

Questions about the Study Group can be addressed to the Study Group Chair, Mr Steve Carlson.

IEEE 802.3 New Ethernet Applications Industry Connections Ad Hoc

As already announced the IEEE 802.3 NEA Ad Hoc will hold two session during the plenary week. One will be in relation to Next-Generation multimode Fibre (MMF) PMD. Please note that the second session to discuss 100Gb/s serial Electrical Signalling Over Copper will also include the discussion of 800 Gb/s Ethernet. 

Questions about the Ad Hoc can be addressed to the Ad Hoc Chair, Mr John D'Ambrosia.


There are two updates in relation to IEEE SCC18 which establishes the IEEE position for the IEEE representatives to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) National Electrical Code (NEC) Code Making Panels (CMPs).

The first is that the IEEE SCC18 60 day deadline for public input proposals from IEEE technical committees, such as IEEE 802.3, on the NEC 2020 code cycle is 7th July 2017 which is prior to our July 2017 plenary meeting. This means that the last opportunity for IEEE 802.3 to approve our input is the IEEE 802.3 interim meeting on the evening of Thursday 25th May 2017. Based on this I will be chartering an IEEE SCC18 Ad Hoc under the IEEE 802.3 Working Group that will meet regularly to build consensus on a draft public input proposals for consideration at our May meeting. This ad hoc may also consider any other IEEE SCC18 related items of interest, such as proposed Tentative Interim Amendments (TIA).

The second is that IEEE SCC18 have now set up an announcements email reflector that anybody can subscribe to in order to receive announcements of IEEE SCC18 meetings and TIAs. To subscribe to this reflector please see <>.

Questions about the IEEE SCC18 can be addressed to me.

Project Authorization Requests (PARs)

The following is the complete list of PARs from other Working Groups for consideration at the plenary. Comments are due by 18:30 on Tuesday so if there is any interest in reviewing an Ad Hoc will have to be chartered to generate and submit the comments. Participants are invited to discuss any concerns about the below PARs on the IEEE 802.3 Dialog reflector prior to the plenary meeting.

New standard PAR:

IEEE P802.15.11 Standard: Multi-Gigabit/s Optical Wireless Communications
Draft PAR: <>
Draft CSD: <>

Amendment project PAR:

IEEE P802.15.3f Physical Layer (PHY) to use the 64 to 71 GHz spectrum
Draft PAR: <>
Draft CSD: <>

Revision PAR:

IEEE P802.11 IEEE Standard for Information technology--Telecommunications and information exchange between systems Local and metropolitan area networks--Specific requirements - Part 11: Wireless LAN Medium Access Control (MAC) and Physical Layer (PHY) Specifications
Draft PAR: <>

IEEE P802.15.4 IEEE Standard for Low-Rate Wireless Networks
Draft PAR: <>

IEEE 802 Tutorial sessions

There will be two tutorial sessions <> as follows.

[1] The impact of US travel restrictions on venue selection.

An open discussion on the impact of US travel restrictions on venue selection will take place during the first tutorial slot from 18h00 to 19h20 on Monday 13th March 2017 moderated by Mr Geoff Thompson, IEEE 802 EC Member Emeritus. Questions or comments in relation to this session can be addressed to me or the moderator Mr Geoff Thompson.

[2] An Introduction to 802.11's Latest Standards Activities.

An Introduction to 802.11's Latest Standards Activities will take place during the second tutorial slot from 19h30 to 20h50 on Monday 13th March 2017.