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[802.3_EPOC] Link for poll "Best time for our weekly IEEE EPoC team call?"


As discussed during the call today, we will hold these weekly calls on
Fridays. There is broad agreement that this is the best day.

However, we did not arrive to consensus on the best time for the call, so
we decided to use a polling method for doing so.

To that end, please use the link below to let us know the best time for
our weekly call.


	1. Please PUT YOUR NAME in the box provided (I will have to discard
anonymous answers to avoid duplicates)

	2. Answer (YES) in between parenthesis for a time that is NOT IDEAL but
you could make work.
	   Otherwise, please answer YES or NO

	3. Please don't forget to SAVE before exiting the poll.


Jorge D. Salinger
VP, Access Architecture
Office of the CTO (t+pd)
Comcast Cable Communications
Comcast Center
1717 Arch Street ­ 43rd Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19103
Tel: +1 (215) 286-4122
Cell: +1 (215) 439-1721


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