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Re: [HSSG] Jumbo Frame Discussion

Howard Frazier wrote On 08/11/06 14:05,:

> I, for one, am not comfortable with such an objective.
> While I have no desire or intention to define a PHY that
> cannot transport jumbo frames, I think that the adoption
> of such an objective would be harmful to the project.

Same here, and for the same reasons.

This is nothing new. We dealt with the same issues
during the 802.3ae days. Although we decided that
we do not want to change our standard to support JFs,
our general consensus was that we are not going to
do anything silly in 802.3ae to prevent anyone from
using them. I distinctly recall several discussions on
this topic while we were analyzing how we wanted to
support the WIS and what we should to for rate limiting.

I still don't understand what the problem is with XAUI,
but if there is one, it certainly was not intentional.

I think we are all in violent agreement here, so I would
suggest that we move on to another exciting topic.