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Re: [HSSG] HSSG MAC & PHY Options

   You wrote:-

As for interoperability, I think that probably an A-MAC and a B-MAC
will not be compatible, most likely their PMDs will even not match. I mean,
the corresponding PMDs for an A-MAC could be

a) 10x10G
b) 4x25G
c) 100G serial

while the corresponding PMDs for a B-MAC would be

d) Nx10G

if we stick to only 10G rate per lane/wavelength.

   It might be possible to do this. It would depend on how the data-striping is done over the lanes. You might be able to get the A-MAC to interoperate with a B-MAC with say eight lanes by slowing its clocks down by a factor of 80% and then putting its ten lane output through a gear shifter and then striping it over eight lanes.