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Re: [HSSG] Reach Objectives

Agree with Drew.  Have a few additional comments on other reachs:


For reach objectives, we should start with customer based needs (for broad market potential) and only amend if an obvious technical limitation with compelling economics can’t readily meet the broad customer need.




- Long Reach probably should be set at 80km rather than 100km (as this is the common hut-to-hut amplifier spacing in telecom)


- While 50m does serve a useful portion of the market (smaller datacenters and/or the size of a large computer cluster), it is somewhat constraining as I’ve been lead to understand that the reach needed in larger datacenters is continuing to out-grow the 100m meter definition but the 100m definition at least serves the customer well.  Certainly 10G-BaseT worked awfully hard to get to 100m (for Datacenter interconnect).


- For both in-building reaches (50m & 300m; or 100m & 300m), the bigger issue which affects the PMD is the loss budget arising from the number of patch panels.  The shorter / datacenter reach should include a budget for 1 patch panel.  The longer / enterprise reach should include a budget for 2 patch panels (one in the datacenter and 1 in the remote switch closet).



From: Drew Perkins [mailto:dperkins@xxxxxxxxxxxx]
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Subject: Re: [HSSG] Reach Objectives




I suggest dividing Metro into Metro Short Reach at 10 km (equivalent application to 10GBASE-LR) and Metro Intermediate Reach at 40 km (equivalent application to 10GBASE-ER).





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Subject: [HSSG] Reach Objectives



We have had some conversation on the reflector regarding reach objectives.  Summarizing what has been discussed on the reflector I see the following –


Reach Objectives

Long-Haul   --> 100+ km

Metro       --> 10+ km

Data Center --> 50m & 300m


Data Center Reach Segregation



Horizontal runs

Vertical risers


Use this data to identify a single low-cost solution that would address a couple of the reach objectives


Other Areas

During the course of the CFI there were individuals who wanted Backplane Applications kept in for consideration, but I have not heard any further input in this area.  Are there still individuals who wish to propose Backplane as an objective?