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[HSSG] Pluggable Form-Factor suitable for HS-Ethernet

After hours, I showed some members of the HSSG a little known Pluggable MSA form-factor which is well-suited to be applied to HS-Ethernet.  (see attached)
It is approximately the size of a Xenpak module but supports up to 12 electrical diff. pairs for TX plus 12 electrical diff. pairs for RX and can support up to 2 MPO connectors (although could equally support 2 LC connectors for 2 fiber interfaces).
It is a public document from which I have extracted diagrams from page 10 for the electrical connector pinout, which will support 10G per lane, and page 41 for the module perspective view.
With proper consideration for system cooling and sufficient allocation of power supply pins, this module could support 10W of cooling (same as Xenpak) or possibly a bit more ~12-14W.  I am not suggesting whether we such power dissipation level are necessary, sufficient, or excessive.
I could not send the entire document as it exceed the reflector size limits.