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[HSSG] <HSSG-FO> Fiber Optic Ad Hoc Teleconference 12/

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Fellow HSSG Members 


I have arranged a teleconference of the HSSG-FO adhoc for next Wednesday at 10:00 - 11:00am PDT. 


Toll Free: 1-866-448-1303

Toll: 1-763-315-6911

Call ID: 7851633


The Agenda will be to discuss the objectives of the HSSGFO Adhoc and close in on alternative proposals to solve the objectives agreed upon in Dallas.


Those objectives are as follows;


100Gbps Data Rate

10Km Single Mode Link Distance

100m OM3 Link Distance


If you have a proposal/presentation for how to achieve these objectives, please contact me soon so that we can upload your presentation prior to the teleconference. The detailed agenda of the teleconference itself will be mailed out by next Wednesday at 8am.


I look forward to hearing you at the teleconference. Please be prompt.


Below, I have the updated Adhoc Membership List. Please check it again to ensure I have your information correct.  In addition, I have updated the rate vs channel slide on my website. 



Dan Dove

HSSGFO Adhoc Chair



Last First Email Time Zone GMT+
Alping Arne not-shown Europe 2
Fischer Thomas not-shown Europe 2
Kuyt Gerard not-shown Europe 1
Anslow Pete not-shown UK 0
Cunningham David not-shown UK 0
Dartnell Petern not-shown UK 0
Dawe Piers not-shown UK 0
Law David not-shown UK 0
Abbott John not-shown Eastern -5
Abraham Menachem not-shown Eastern -5
Ali Kamal not-shown Eastern -5
Castro Jose not-shown Eastern -5
Dambrosia John not-shown Eastern -5
Dhliwayo Jabulani not-shown Eastern -5
Frankel Michael not-shown Eastern -5
Huff Lisa not-shown Eastern -5
Lingle Robert not-shown Eastern -5
Miao Tremont not-shown Eastern -5
Mlinarsky Fanny not-shown Eastern -5
Nowell Mark not-shown Eastern -5
Pepeljugoski Petar not-shown Eastern -5
Swanson Steve not-shown Eastern -5
Tsumura Eddie not-shown Eastern -5
Van Deusen Herb not-shown Eastern -5
Carroll Martin not-shown Central -6
Dallesasse John not-shown Central -6
Kolesar Paul not-shown Central -6
Pimpinella Rick not-shown Central -6
Tatum Jim not-shown Central -6
McGrath Jim not-shown Central -7
Morris Terry not-shown Central -7
Barbieri Alessandro not-shown Pacific -8
Chang Frank not-shown Pacific -8
Cole Chris not-shown Pacific -8
Diab Wael not-shown Pacific -8
Dove Daniel not-shown Pacific -8
Duelk Marcus not-shown Pacific -8
Gomatam Badri not-shown Pacific -8
Jaeger John not-shown Pacific -8
Jiang Wenbin not-shown Pacific -8
Liu Hong not-shown Pacific -8
Ojha Jugnu not-shown Pacific -8
Patel Sashi not-shown Pacific -8
Perkins Drew not-shown Pacific -8
Schube Scott not-shown Pacific -8
Song Steve not-shown Pacific -8
Thompson Geoff not-shown Pacific -8
Vandoorn Schelto not-shown Pacific -8
Morita Itsuro not-shown Asia -16
Takeda Noriyuki not-shown Asia -16
Dama Bipin not-shown N/A  
Moorwood Andy not-shown N/A  
Tatah Karim not-shown N/A