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[HSSG] Points of Discussion


The HSSG reflector has not been highly utilized over the past several months.  I encourage all to take advantage of this medium for consensus building.


As discussed, we need to finalize our objectives at the next meeting, which will then allow us to finalize the number of PAR that the SG intends to recommend.


At the last meeting the SG began a working draft on a PAR ( , based on the following objectives

  • Support full-duplex operation only.
  • Preserve the 802.3/Ethernet frame format at the MAC Client service interface.
  • Preserve minimum and maximum FrameSize of current 802.3 Std.
  • Support a speed of 100 Gb/s at the MAC/PLS service interface.
  • Support at least 10km on SMF.
  • Support at least 100 meters on OM3 MMF.
  • Support a BER better than or equal to 10-12 at the MAC/PLS service interface.


For this PAR, a working draft of the responses to the 5 Criteria was also adopted (


These responses to the 5 Criteria will need to be evaluated against the material that has been presented to date.  Presentations to strengthen the case for broad market potential, technical feasibility, and economic feasibility are recommended. 


The SG also adopted the following objective – “Support at least 40-km on SMF.”   While the motion passed the SG vote, it should be noted that it would not have passed if based on 802.3 voters only.  Supporters of this objective are encouraged to bring forward further presentations demonstrating broad market potential, technical feasibility, and economic feasibility.  


Finally, presentations were given at the last meeting possibly suggesting two new objectives (40 Gb/s MAC rate and 100G Copper Interconnect).  Proponents of these objectives are encouraged to bring these matters and any additional presentations forward for consideration and discussion, thus allowing the SG to reach an informed decision.


I encourage those on the HSSG reflector to comment on these matters. 


John D’Ambrosia

Chair, IEEE 802.3 HSSG