Geneva Hotel and Travel Information

Meeting Registration

There is no meeting fee, however, meeting registration for access to the ITU facilities is required. A link will be provided when ITU registration is available.

Hotel Information

There is no meeting hotel for this Interim. The meetings will be held at ITU headquarters in the Monbrilliant and Tower buildings. The ITU, however, has provided a list of hotels that give preferred rates to ITU participants.

Participants are responsible for selecting and booking their own hotel. These hotels typically do not advertise the ITU hotel rate. You will need to ask for it. It has been suggested that you narrow your search down to 5 or 10 likely hotels, and telephone, send an email or FAX to confirm the ITU rates and availability. You should locate a prospective hotel on a map to see how far it is from ITU headquarters. Bus, train, taxi, light rail and walking are all transportation options depending upon the hotel location. You are free to use your corporate travel service or an on-line hotel booking site. Typically, the ITU rates will be the most economical.

There is no one to call for help with hotels. Participants are on their own.

Travel Information

The local language is French and the local currency is the Swiss Franc. Geneva airport (GVA) is 3 miles north of the city of Geneva and Geneva city centre is only 6 minutes by train (every 15 minutes) . A taxi to Geneva city centre will cost approximately 35.00 CHF. Geneva airport has direct flights from New York (both EWR and JFK) and Washington Dulles (IAD), as well as from many European hubs. For tourism information see the City of Geneva official website.

Electrical power is 230 VAC, 50 Hz, using the  Swiss SEV 1011 (Swiss 10 A/250 V) which is generally compatible with the Type C Europlug. The Swiss SEV 1011 has a diamond-shaped recessed entry. Some Type C Europlug adapters are too large to fit into this receptacle. Make sure your adapter is designed to work with both receptacles.

Every visitor to Geneva receives a free Geneva Transport Card from their hotel at check-in. This card provides unlimited use of the entire public-transportation network.

Getting from the airport to your hotel, courtesy of Steve Trowbridge:  

"When you check into your Geneva hotel, you will receive a free Geneva transit card, good for riding the buses and streetcars during your stay, including the return trip to the airport. Here's a tip on getting a free bus ticket from the airport to your hotel. It isn't actually a transit card, but a single "Tous les Geneve" bus/train/tram ticket.   There is a bus ticket machine in the baggage claim area that looks just like the ones at bus/tram stops or the train station adjacent to the airport terminal, the difference being that the machine in baggage claim (and that machine only) will give you a single free ticket when you push the button, good for something like 70 minutes, that you can use to take a bus or train to get to your hotel (since you don't yet have the transit card).

If you leave baggage claim and forget to get this ticket, you can purchase an identical ticket at the machine in the train station or at the curb where the busses pick up that will cost you 3 francs. If you don't have small coins, you can also go to the ticket window in the train station to pay with larger bills or a credit card if you forgot to get the ticket when you were in baggage claim.   Every train leaving Geneva airport stops next at the Cornavin train station in Geneva (nice because there is no way to get on the wrong train - you can just choose the one that leaves the airport next), and from there you can get on the tram along Rue de Lausanne which should get you close to many of the likely hotels where people might be staying. There are also busses from the airport that get you to various places in Geneva.  

You can find bus/train/tram schedules at: The site is in French, but there is an option to display in English near the top of the page, It's fairly simply to find your way through it, putting in "Geneve Aeroport" as where you are coming from and an address you are going to with a time and date to query for transportation options." 

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Last Update:  15 March 2019

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