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Re: [802.3_MAINT] ICN ad hoc report and recommendations



Thanks for the summary document.


The Ad Hoc discussed comment #i-129 proposing to change the 3 dB reference receiver bandwidth used by Clause 86A in Equation (85-28) and Equation (85-29) to 12 GHz.  The conclusion of the Ad Hoc was that this change was not needed as the ICN measured with a 7.5GHz reference receiver bandwidth should be  well correlated with the ICN measured with a 12GHz reference receiver bandwidth.  Please can you document this conclusion in the Ad Hoc report.



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From: Tom Palkert [mailto:tpalkert@xxxxxxxx]
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Subject: [802.3_MAINT] ICN ad hoc report and recommendations



The ICN ad hoc group met and produced final recommendations for changes to the document. Attached is the report and the related documents referenced in the report. For those of you that have not participated but have some interest in the results I recommend looking over the recommended change document by Pete Anslow (Changes for ICN v3.pdf)


Thanks to everyone that participated in this work


Tom Palkert

ICN ad hoc chair