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[STDS-802-3-MAINT] Proposed responses to IEEE P802.3 (IEEE 802.3cj)/D3.1 comments have been posted.


Reports of the proposed responses to comments received, one sorted by clause and the other by comment ID, may be found at the following link.


Thanks to Pete Anslow and Marek Hajduczenia for their assistance in preparing these proposed responses.

As a reminder, these comments will be considered at the March 2018 Maintenance Task Force meeting in Rosemont, IL USA (scheduled for Wednesday, 7th March).

In order to make the most effective use of our meeting time, many of the comments are marked with the tag "Bucket". In the judgement of the editorial team, these comments pertain to non-controversial topics and have straight-forward resolutions. The intent is to approve the editors' proposed responses to these comments via a single motion without further consideration.

Please review the proposed responses to comments in the "Bucket". If there is a comment marked "Bucket" that you feel should be explicitly considered by the ballot resolution committee (for example, due to an issue with the proposed response), please let me know and such comments will be removed from this category.

A rough agenda to be followed for the consideration of comments has been posted at the following link.


While the agenda indicates the likely order of consideration, the actual time of day a given comment will be considered will be a function of the pace of comment resolution.

Best regards,

Adam Healey
Chair, IEEE P802.3 (IEEE 802.3cj) Maintenance #12 (Revision) Task Force

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