IEEE P802.3 July 2005 Maintenance Meeting
Unconfirmed Minutes

David Law convened the meeting on Wednesday 20th July 2005 in the Seacliff A meeting room at the Hyatt San Francisco, CA, USA.

1134: Status: Received but not taken care off. David to send email to the request initiator.

1159: Status: Received. Need to send update Email.

1160: Status :to Withdrawn

1161: Status :Will be Balloting

1162: Status: CB.

Add title that explains the purpose of the change so the reader will understand that we are referring to "foldback" current limit type.

Set separate request for fixing the text in to reflect that the operating voltage specified in table 33-5 item 1 range is for normal powering mode and during overload mode as per the description of figure 33C-6.

Explicitly allows voltages less than 44V in short circuit condition or when current reaches to ILIM.

1163: Status: Ready for ballot. Change color of attached drawing to black and white.

1164: Status: Ready for ballot. Add text that explains that dashed lines can be different possibilities per Mike's comment.

1165: Status:CB. Check that the test model in the upper part of figure 33c.3 meets the spec requirement and discuss with the group listed above.

1166: Status CB: add the required text to the spec or change it to reflect that Zsource is Rrev_min.

1167: Status CB.

1168: Status: Ready for ballot.

Line 19 p.3 to update the date and version to 609501/2001

To add the need to update paragraph line 14 and paragraph line 15 with 60950/2001 as well.

Line 3 p.2 should be "requirements"

Line 3 p.4 should be "requirements"

Regarding the Corrigendum PAR draft that referees to 1168: The draft was reviewed and the following items need to be corrected:

Title has typo: should be corrigendum

Item 14: "deviations" spelled wrong.

Item 19: need to be corrected from "does specifies" to "does not specify"

David Law introduce and read to the group the IEEE-SA policy regarding patents.

Motion from the maint committee that requires pre submission of the PAR
Y=25, N=0, A=0
Motion passes

The following individuals ask to be in the maint group for further discussions on the CB maint above.

Yair Darshan; Dave Dwelley; Clay Stanford; 'Mike_S_Mccormack ; Arkadiy Peker; Steve Robbins; David M. Lucia; Patoka Martin. Yair