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802.15 Letter Ballot 1 Results

802.15 Letter Ballot 1 Results

Ballot closed at 11pm EST, Dec 23, 1999 after running for 43 days.  Comments are posted on the web site.  Contact me for the password if you are interested in viewing them.  Comment resolution will begin at the Interim meeting in January

Letter Ballot 1 MOTION: To submit the contents of document IEEE P802-15/D0.6
to Sponsor Ballot [default recirculation ballot];

Motion failed with 18/15/2 or 43 % (P802-15/D0.6)

Gross Vote:
                Number  Percentage
Yea             18              43%
Nea             15              36%
Abstain         2               5%
Did not vote    7                17%
== ====
TOTAL   42              100%

No non-voters submitted comments on this ballot--

Net Vote:
                Number  Percentage
Yea             18              55%
Nea             15              45%
== ===
TOTAL    33             79%

Note: Daniel R. McGlynn & Ivan Reede  caste no votes but did not supply comments. Until they
do the above results are valid LB1 results i.e., they are classified as a
"no response" or counted in the 'did not vote' category until comments are

Happy New Year----

Bob Heile
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Chair IEEE 802.15
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