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Re: +++ SEC Rules Change Ballot+++

Disapprove with comments.

The mandate letter ballots to add any technical substance (ie anything) to a
draft document is the antithesis of where we need to go with standards
development.  If members can not make decisions in a Plenary session, given
adequate time to prepare, then the need for Plenary sessions is moot.  Also,
once assembled, all Draft document already go through a letter ballot in their
entirety to be forwarded onto the SEC.  Why should every entry in its creation
also then be balloted?

Letter ballots are appropriate for near final activity but they stifle
discussion and interactive assembly of ideas.  If such a rule was imposed on a
Working Group, they would have to find a way to circumvent it to assemble a
Draft of the Draft so that they could then letter ballot the draft of the draft
to become an official draft which could then be letter balloted to be forwarded
to the SEC.  Doesn't pass the stink test.

- Robert
Still, but soon to be former, Dot 14