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Re: FW: Administrative Withdrawal Ballot/Reminder

>Is that "will be" or "has been"
>My impression was that it was a done deal as of the meeting

I believe that the Standards Board action was final as regards 802.9-1994.
I have no idea how long it takes for the IEEE publishing office to
reflect the change in status to "administratively withdrawn".

I just looked up 802.9 on the IEEE standards catalog, and it looks
like you can still order 8802-9-1996.

In fact, this is kinda interesting.  802.9-1994 is no longer in the
catalog.  If you search the database, it doesn't say that 802.9-1994
has been withdrawn, but it does say that 8802-9-1996 (the ISO/IEC
approved version) is an "Approved Publication of IEEE **This edition
contains editorial changes to IEEE Std 802.9-1994, which occurred
during ISO/IEC approval", and 8802-9-1996 is still orderable. It
wouldn't have been withdrawn yet, because it hasn't reached the 5 year
mark yet.

So, I think that, in fact, the action of the standards board with
regards to 802.9-1994 has no effect.  However, I agree with Geoff that
this meaningless action was final.

Is everybody else smiling at this point?  I am.


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At 03:15 PM 2/28/00 -0800, Howard Frazier wrote:
>Uh, actually, I believe that 802.9-1994 was in fact withdrawn at the
>January Standards board meeting.  RevCom left it on the list of standards
>slated for Administrative withdrawal, and the Standards Board approved
>the list except for a bunch of stuff that Gary Robinson pulled off the
>list at my urging.
>So, as far as I know, 802.9-1994 will be administratively withdrawn,

Is that "will be" or "has been"
My impression was that it was a done deal as of the meeting

>and no further action is needed or expected from the Standards Board.

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