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Re: suggested changes to 802 tutorial procedures


>My opinion.
>I really don't like any of this. It changes the gate keeper from the
>members of the Exec to the Chair of 802. The Exec is certainly a small
>enough group that we ought to be able to do filtering and assignment
>without an elaborate set of written rules.

Au contraire. The current gatekeeper of tutorials is Dawn Williams. 
It's in black and white:

>All official tutorial requests must sent to Dawn Williams at
> for final approval and confirmation

I generally have no idea what tutorials are coming until Dawn hands 
me the schedule.

>The form should NOT be on the web. The form, if we must have it, is for the
>use of WG chairs rather than the use of J. Random Clueless who wishes to
>advertise in front of 802.

Mr. Clueless will see that the form needs to be submitted through an 
SEC member.


>At 10:58 PM 2/28/00 -0700, Roger B. Marks wrote:
>>I've expressed to Jim my concern about the 802 tutorial procedures.
>>While the Chair's Guidelines present a good description of an
>>appropriate tutorial, there are no real procedures to ensure that
>>tutorials are not overly commercial or to inform other working groups
>>regarding potential overlap of interests. There has also been poor
>>advance notification of the tutorials and their schedules.
>>Jim asked me to make some suggestions. I suggest the following:
>>web. Few people know about this form, and it is hard to track down.
>>(2) Include on the form a reference to and link to the "802 Chair's
>>Guidelines on IEEE 802 Tutorials"
>><> so that proposers
>>get help understanding the rules.
>>(3) Add the following question (taken from the Chair's Guidelines) to
>>the tutorial request form:
>>Purpose of Tutorial (choose one and explain):
>>(a) Explore possible new directions for 802 efforts
>>(b) Summarize ongoing major work of Study Group or WG or TAG.
>>(c) Describe basic 802 or other standards process.
>>(4) Change the approval process, which currently leaves the SEC
>>members in the dark until Dawn issues an agenda. I suggest changing
>>the relevant section of the Chair's Guidelines from:
> >
> >>Mechanics of Tutorials:
>>>- Hosted by SEC member or Study Group Chair.
>>>- Announced to SEC reflector before meeting.
> >>- Scheduled through Classic Consulting/Buzz Rigsbee
> >>- Conflicts to be resolved by Executive Secretary and SEC chair
> >>based on most importance to 802.
>>>Mechanics of Tutorials:
>>>- Hosted by SEC member or Study Group Chair.
>>>- Tutorial Request Form posted to SEC reflector for comment.
>>>- No less than 7 days after posting, SEC Chair may affirm that
>>>proposed tutorial is appropriate and then schedule it.
>>>- Conflicts will be resolved by the SEC chair, but priority will
>>>generally be by order of request.
>>I also suggest that the "APPROVAL AND CONFIRMATION" section of the
> >Tutorial Request Form be changed from:
> >>All official tutorial requests must sent to Dawn Williams at
> >> for final approval and confirmation with copies to
> >>Buzz Rigsbee and to Jim Carlo
>>> .  A confirmation of your request indicating time slot
>>>assigned will be sent within 10 days of your submission.
>>>Tutorial requests must be submitted by an SEC member or Study Group
>>>Chair to the SEC reflector. After not less than seven days for SEC
>>>reveiw, the SEC Chair may approve and schedule the meeting, with
>>>notification to the SEC reflector.
>>(5) I suggest deleting the following section of the Chair's Guidelines:
>>>All official tutorial request forms must be submitted at least 45
>>>days prior to the start of the next IEEE 802 LMSC Plenary Meeting.
>>>Please refer to the future meetings list on the IEEE 802 Web Site
> >>at:
>>No one pays attention to it anyway, and the first-come, first-serve
>>rule should stimulate earlier requests.
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