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SEC Rules Change Ballot--meeting tonight Sun 3/5 7-9PM in Albuquerque Hyatt

Dear SEC,

The results of the Nov. 99 rules change ballot (so far) are 2APP, 8DIS,
3DNV(effectively DIS).  Ballot FAILS.  

I will attend the meeting.  I've delayed my flight to Albuquerque this
afternoon (so I can watch my #1 son's play in a high school championship
basketball game at 1PM).  Bill Lidinsky has agreed to chair the meeting in
my absence (thanks Bill). 

Jim Carlo - 		DIS
Paul Nikolich -	DIS
Howard Frazier -		DNV
Bob Grow -		APP
Buzz Rigsbee -	DIS
Bill Lidinsky -	APP
Geoff Thompson -	DIS
Bob Love -		DIS
Chip Benson -			DNV
Vic Hayes -		DIS
Robert Russell -	DIS
Bob Heile -		DIS
Roger Marks -		DIS

For those that 'voted' by sending comments in without EXPLICITLY casting a
vote (APP, DIS, ABS), I assumed the ballot was a DIS.  If this is
incorrect, please send a note to have correct the ballot recorded.

For those that DNV (did not vote), remember under the rules change rules,
not voting equals abstain equals DISAPPROVE.

I'll be getting into Albquerque around 11PM tonight--see you then,



>>Date: Fri, 12 Nov 1999 04:05:17 -0600
>>From: Bill Lidinsky <>
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>>Subject: +++ SEC Rules Change Ballot
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>>At the SEC meeting in Kauai on Thursday 11 November 1999 the SEC 
>>approved submitting this IEEE 802 Operating Rules change to ballot.
>>The proposed Rules Change deals with changes to the process for voting 
>>procedures for a Working Group on procedural issues and technical 
>>issues at 802 Plenaries, interim Working Group meetings, and in 
>>between Plenary meetings.  The changes involve the following sections:
>> Chair's Function
>> Voting on Technical Issues
>>In addition there are minor changes to two other sections so that they 
>>refer to the above two sections correctly.  These two other sections 
>>3.6.1 Initiation of Proposed Rules Changes
>>  Rights
>>Attached is a pdf file showing the relevant clauses of the latest P802 
>>Operating Rules (November 1998) with the changes indicated.  
>>Strikethrough text is deleted.  Underlined text is added.  All other 
>>text is as it exists in the current rules document. This text was 
>>presented and discussed at a P802 Operating Rules meeting on Sunday 
>>night, 7 November 1999 in Kauai at the beginning of the 802 Plenary.  
>>It was further iterated upon during the week of the plenary.  This 
>>proposed rule change represents the output of this process.
>>This ballot opens on 12 November 1999.  It will close 30 days before 
>>beginning of the March 802 plenary (Friday 4 February 2000).
>>For your reference the current 802 rules URL is
>>    ""
>>          Please vote early and often, 
>>          Bill Lidinsky, 802.1 Chair
>>          630-840-8067
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