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Re: Minutes and Meeting Annoucement on the web


Shame on you. I gave it to you Thursday night!
Well I was very smug until I went to look for the file. I distinctly 
remember putting it on a floppy and giving you the floppy before we 
adjourned on Thursday.

I have reconstructed the event. I could not find the file
Oh, yes I can, it is in the trash
Oops, looks like I put it in the RECYCLE BIN instead of my SHORTCUT TO 
FLOPPY. They are adjacent on my desktop. Did you have a mystery blank 
floppy from me? Anyhow, it is attached. The file is stamped 11:04 PM 
Thursday nite.

Sorry bout that.
Mea culpa


At 03:56 PM 7/21/00 -0700, Howard Frazier wrote:

>I finally got the minutes from the last meeting and the
>announcement for the next meeting on the web.  Point
>your browsers at:
>for the meeting info, and
>for the minutes, including the status reports from the WG chairs
>that we used to suffer through on Friday morning.
>Note that one chairman (of a very large and active WG) didn't
>give me a status report.  Shame on him.  I will let his peers
>identify him and subject him to public humiliation.
>Oh, and if I lost your report Geoff, then shame on me.