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PASSED:+++ PAR Approval for 802.11g

Tally: 7-0-0      : 4 not voting
Howard Frazier -
Bob Grow -
Paul Nikolich - Approve
Buzz Rigsbee - Approve
Vic Hayes - Approve
Tony Jeffree - Approve
Geoff Thompson -
Bob Love -
Stuart Kerry - Approve
Bob Heile - Approve
Roger Marks - Approve
Jim Carlo - Chair
Issue Date: 8Sept2000 Closing Date: 14Sept2000
Moved By: Stuart Kerry
Move: Approve PAR for 802.11g per SEC Motion 7/13/2000.

+ SEC Motion (7/13/2000) : To presubmit the PAR for further Higher data Rate
extension in the 2.4 GHz band to NesCom pending the following actions:
a) the 802.11 WG performs an email ballot to affirm the forwarding of the
PAR, (approves+disapproves amounting to at least 50% of the WG voting
b) the SEC reviews the results of (a) and has an email ballot to forward the
PAR to the standards board for approval.
9/0/0 Approved at 8:52

+ IEEE 802.11 conducted a WG ballot with the results as follows:
Summary of LB #23:
Total Eligible voters = 100.
Vote Approve: 69
Vote Approve with Comment: 1
Did not respond: 30
Start of Ballot: 23July2000
End of Ballot: 2Sept2000

+ Letter Ballot was:
This Letter Ballot is being issued in compliance with directions from the
IEEE 802 Executive Committee (ExCom).  Although the IEEE 802.11 Working
Group and the Higher Rate 802.11b Study Group have both approved the PAR and
5 Criteria unanimously, and the 802.11 WG received absolutely no objections
to the PAR by any other 802 Working Group or individual at the July 2000
meeting, the ExCom has directed another 802.11 WG vote via Letter Ballot to
reaffirm support of the PAR and 5 Criteria.  The ExCom has directed the
802.11 WG to take this action due to the ExCom's desire to obtain the
largest vote count possible from the 802.11 WG on approval of the PAR.  The
PAR and 5-Criterion are listed below. (The only change is to correct the
item that the PAR is a supplement to 802.11-1999, since IEEE rules do not
allow a supplement to a supplement.) Only the PAR (after reformatting) will
be submitted to NesCom.

+ The one Approve with comment was from Dave Bagby, who would prefer to not
mandate backward capability with the IEEE 802.11b standard.  Mr. Bagby
agreed to have his comment discussed at the next WG meeting and have the PAR
go forward as is.