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July 2000 Rules Ballot Results

Rules Ballot Results 
(pass requires 8 approves, no vote and abstains count as disapprove)

		Scope		Proc 3		Proc 10
1 Carlo	app		app		app	
2 Nikolich	app		dis		dis
3 Frazier	app		app		app
4 Grow		app		app		app
5 Rigsbee	dis		dis		dis
6 Hayes	app		dis		dis
7 Jeffree	app		dis		dis
8 Thompson	dis		dnv		dis
9 Love		app		app		app
10 Kerry	dnv		dnv		dis
11 Heile	app		dis		dis
12 Marks	dis		dis		dis

result		app-8		app-4		app-4
		dis-3		dis-6		dis-8
		dnv-1		dnv-2		dnv-0

We will meet Sunday evening 7pm-8pm of November 5th to 
review the results and begin the resolution of comments.  
Room TBD.

--Paul Nikolich