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Functional Requirements document - Motion


Some while back, as part of the process of revising the 802 Overview and Architecture, Alan Chambers took an action to look over the Functional Requirements document in order to determine what was to become of its contents.  I spoke to Alan recently, and it would appear that from his analysis, the FRD content fell into 3 categories:

a) Material that is no longer of any consequence, or is content-free;
b) Material that is useful and has now been incorporated into the draft revision of Std 802 (next draft soon to be issued for its Sponsor Recirc - current draft available on 802.1 website);
c) Material that is useful and has now been incorporated into the 802 operating rules.

So my take on this is that we can safely delete maintenance of the FRD as an activity within 802.

In the light of the above, I will make the following motion at the March 802 meeting:


"The SEC considers that ongoing maintenance of the 802 Functional Requirements document is no longer required, given that its useful content has now been documented elsewhere.  Therefore, the SEC no longer considers the FRD to be an 802 standing document, and deprecates its use. The FRD is to be archived on the IEEE 802 website for the next five years, along with a record of this motion; after that time, the document is to be deleted."

End of motion.

Paul Nikolich has indicated to me that he is willing to second this motion.