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Re: IEEE SEC Recording Secretary

Great choice!


At 5:31 PM -0600 01/01/21, Jim Carlo wrote:
>Thank you for your inputs on Recording Secretary. After discussions with a
>number of you, Bob O'Hara has emerged as the leading candidate, I have
>talked to Bob, and he has accepted the position if affirmed by the SEC. Bob
>and Howard will work together at the March meeting to ensure a smooth
>transition. Per operating rules, I will ask for your affirmation of Bob
>O'Hara at the March SEC and this will become effective at the end of the
>March SEC meeting.
>For information, some of Bob's background with 802 is detailed below.
>Bob began working in 802.11 in 1992.  Shortly after becoming a voting
>member, he volunteered to be the technical editor of the standard.  Bob is
>the technical editor of both the original 1997 standard and the revision
>published in 1999.  When the 1997 version of the 802.11 standard required
>revisions to clarify a number of interpretation requests, Bob chaired the
>task group that performed that work.  Somewhere along the way, Vic
>discovered that Bob knew a bit about parliamentary procedure and appointed
>him as a working group parliamentarian.  Currently, Bob is task group chair
>for 802.11d, extending the standard to meet worldwide regulatory