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RE: Proposal to move the SEC meeting to Friday

I am totally in favor of moving the closing SEC meeting to Friday 
morning. My main concern is that I would miss the post-SEC 
socialization, which has been my best opportunity to get to know the 
SEC members and learn some things. Maybe we could make a standing 
date for Thursday night!

As for a Sunday SEC meeting, I am opposed to making that sacrifice. 
The current system (SEC meeting and optional Task Group meetings on 
Monday morning, followed by Working Group Plenaries on Monday 
afternoon) works fine for us [in fact, we use the same format at our 
interims]. I think a Sunday SEC would stress me and my family without 
paying big benefits to my Working Group. Don't forget that we hold a 
bunch of ad hocs on Sunday night; moving them any earlier would start 
making Sunday even more of a work day, which means leaving home even 
earlier on Sunday or, depending on location, maybe even Saturday. 
This won't work for me.

I agree with Paul that an opening meeting is worthwhile.


>The start-of-plenary SEC meeting should not be eliminated.  There is no
>substitute for a face-to-face meeting so that the SEC can all be well
>prepared and coordinated for the upcoming plenary activities and to
>optimally schedule our SEC meetings during the plenary.  I am willing to
>meet on Sunday evening, altough I would prefer to meet from 8pm to 10pm.
>We can still have the informal SEC rules meeting 7pm-8pm.
>At 01:31 PM 1/21/01 -0600, Jim Carlo wrote:
>>1) I have no problem with moving the Thursday SEC meeting until Friday, say
>>8am - noon. If we can discuss at our March Monday SEC meeting, then we can
>>inform people of this intent at the Monday plenary.
>>2) At this time, we usually hold an informal SEC rules meeting on Sunday
>>3) I am somewhat negative on deleting the Monday morning SEC meeting. This
>>is the first time that the SEC can get together and there are usually a few
>>hot topics (where email will not work) and a few topics dealing with our
>>meetings. One option, would be to hold the Monday SEC meeting on Sunday
>>evening from 9pm - 11pm. But this might exhaust the SEC before the busy
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>>To: Howard Frazier
>>Subject: Re: Proposal to move the SEC meeting to Friday
>>Howard -
>>You have my support.
>>Might be worth considering removing the opening Exec meeting from Monday
>>morning too - move the opening plenary to 9:00 and allow the WGs to start
>>after the morning coffee break.  Is there any good reason why Monday's Exec
>>business couldn't be conducted ahead of time via Email?
>>At 15:34 19/01/01 -0800, Howard Frazier wrote:
>>>Dear members of the SEC,
>>>I would like to enlist your support for moving the closing SEC meeting
>>>from Thursday evening to Friday morning.  This change would become
>>>effective at the July, 2001 meeting of 802.
>>>The rationale for the change is:
>>>1) Working Groups need more time to conduct their business.
>>>Moving the SEC meeting from Thursday evening to Friday morning would
>>>allow WGs to meet until late in the day on Thursday if necessary.
>>>While some Working Groups do this under the current schedule, others
>>>find it difficult to conclude their business on Thursday afternoon and
>>>then get ready for an SEC meeting on Thursday night.
>>>2) SEC members would have more time to prepare for the meeting.
>>>During my tenure as Recording Secretary, I have noticed that virtually
>>>all of you could use more time to prepare for the SEC meeting, and I
>>>think that this additional time for preparation would make the SEC meetings
>  >>much more effective, and much more efficient.
>  >>
>>>3) With the elimination of the Friday 802 closing plenary meeting, nothing
>>>stands in our way except your consent, and the clean up work of changing
>>>I understand that a rules change will be required in order to make this
>>>change permanent.  However, I believe that with the concurrence
>>>of the SEC, we can announce the change in March, put the change into
>>>effect in July, and ratify the rules change in due course, just as
>>>we did with the elimination of the closing plenary.  Specific rules change
>>>text to deal with, and Procedure 5 Item 7 will be proposed
>>>at the March meeting.
>>>I ask your support for this change, in the hopes of making the IEEE 802
>>>a more effective standards development committee.
>>>Howard Frazier