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FW: [T1E1ALL] Wireless LAN Trial at the upcoming T1E1 and T1M1 Meetings

Thought you might like to see other groups using 802.11b.

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Steve Barclay
Sent: Tuesday, February 06, 2001 6:00 PM
Subject: [T1E1ALL] Wireless LAN Trial at the upcoming T1E1 and T1M1

February 6, 2001

Dear T1E1 and T1M1 Participants:

We will be trialing the use of a Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) during
the upcoming T1E1 and T1M1 meetings, February 19-23, and February 26-March
2, 2001, respectively.

With that in mind, we will be utilizing this WLAN to provide access to the
files on a server at the meeting. We will set up a "Cobalt Qube" server and
two Orinoco wireless access points, which are connected via a hub.
Participants may gain access from their laptops to the server via a wireless
PCMCIA card (we are currently using Orinoco Access Points and the Orinoco
wireless PCMCIA cards meeting the 802.11b standard).

If you have been thinking about purchasing a wireless PCMCIA card (ensuring
it meets the 802.11b standard), and were looking for a place to utilize it,
now may be a good time.  Your IT department would be the most knowledgeable
people to assist you in installing such hardware (and corresponding
software) onto YOUR specific laptop, so please have them assist you prior to
attending the meeting, if possible.

I will be attending the first 2 days of the meeting weeks, and will also be
bringing approximately 20 wireless PCMCIA cards.  If you cannot obtain a
card prior to the meetings, and wish to participate in this trial, you may
BORROW and SIGN OUT a card during the week.  In this instance, you should
bring the appropriate Windows CD which came with your laptop (e.g., 98, 95)
to obtain specific drivers, if so prompted.  Windows 2000 users would use
the drivers already installed on your laptop.

We will also try to make use of a wired LAN by having the hub available so
that participants may plug their laptops directly into the hub.  If using
the wired LAN, you will need to ensure you bring your ethernet card (unless
it is built into your laptop), the dongle, and an ethernet cable (to connect
into the hub).

Please be aware that this "trial set-up" can only be utilized in one meeting
room at a time (unless the cables can be strung to connecting rooms) and
that the use of this technology is new to most of us, so your patience will
be requested.  We will reduce the risk that this trial causes a disruption
the normal flow of the meetings.  The CURRENT plan is to trial this during
the T1E1.4 WG and T1E1 Plenary, and also during the T1M1.3 Transport SWG and
possibly the T1M1 plenary.

NOTE:  Access to the LAN is not required to participate in the meeting.

If you have any questions, please contact me at


Steve Barclay
Manager, Committee T1