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Re: +++ IEEE 802 BALLOT: Approve $4K Funding for FCC to attend IEEE 802 meeting

I am opposed to this motion.

1) The last time I checked, the federal government was running a budget

2) I do not wish to set a precedent that we will pay government employees'
expenses to travel to 802 meetings.

3) I would go along with waiving the registration fee, as we do for other
invited speakers.

Howard Frazier

Jim Carlo wrote:
> ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
> Issue Date: 20Dec2000 Closing Date: 4Jan2000
> Moved By: Vic Hayes  Seconded By: Stuart Kerry
> Move: Authorize invitation to the FCC for March Plenary Meeting (and if not
> then in July), paying travel expenses up to $4K.
> Notes:
> I have had a number of discussions with some of you regarding inviting the
> FCC to our IEEE 802 meeting so they can better understand the IEEE 802
> process and know us better. Note that the FCC person generally will not
> answer any technical or legal question. My hope is the FCC could better
> understand us and see our collective vision of where the future is heading
> in wireless. I was also going to see if the FCC attendee could give us a
> tutorial on Tuesday evening on how the FCC process works.
> In T1E1, we invite the FCC but T1 must pay for their travel expenses. This
> is the same situation if we invite an FCC member to an IEEE 802 meeting.
> Note that an individual or company cannot pay for this, because of a
> perceived bias. Therefore, in the invitation to the FCC, I will need to
> specify that we cover travel expenses, say up to $4K.
> >From Vic Hayes:
> At the last meeting, 802.11 passed the following motion:
> To request the SEC members to consider by email ballot, paying for travel
> and lodging for a representative of the FCC to attend the March meeting, and
> if approved, have the chairman of the
> 802.11 ad hoc regulatory group request that an FCC representative attend the
> March meeting.
> Vote on the main motion - passes 29:5:2
> I just heard that my sponsor wants me to go to the ITU-R Joint
> Rapporteursgroup 8A-9B meeting rather than to Hilton Head for the IEEE 802
> meetings.
> I found Peter Murray willing to take the leadership.