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RE: +++ IEEE 802 BALLOT: Approve $4K Funding for FCC to attend IEEE 802 meeting

Further to my one line approval of this ballot. I do believe this motion
will fail sadly. I hear the concerns and views, and concur with Bob Heile on
this matter.

I would like to make it clear that, as chair of 802.11 I have approved per
the wishes of my membership, and feel that we are not allowing a (poor
staving administration, pun definitely intended) the chance to have industry
and standards making involvement in their already overburdened process.
Don't forget, they have layed the olive branch on the table for us to take
up. As Chair of 802.11 I am seeing more and more concerns being raised on
FCC, and other administrations Regulatory matters and would like to make
progress in our standards making process.

With this, I have said my piece .........



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IEEE 802 meeting

I do not necessarily like this little FCC tradition of travel
reimbursement, but it is the way they operate. I don't like taxes
either.   I do like the fact that the FCC is looking to organizations like
802 to recommend better ways of using spectrum rather than just having to
write standards that comply with limited rules.  To that end, I think it
would be extremely useful to have interaction time with the FCC on how to
best take advantage of this more open policy making and since they are
there it could make for a good general interest tutorial for 802 as well.
I  have been on panels with Knapp and he is a good speaker and is
responsible for many interesting things at the FCC.  All the soap boxes
aside, I vote for building a key relationship.

ie  I approve of the expenditure of funds for this purpose

  At 05:38 AM 2/11/01 -0600, Jim Carlo wrote:

>Issue Date: 20Dec2000 Closing Date: 4Jan2000
>Moved By: Vic Hayes  Seconded By: Stuart Kerry
>Move: Authorize invitation to the FCC for March Plenary Meeting (and if not
>then in July), paying travel expenses up to $4K.
>I have had a number of discussions with some of you regarding inviting the
>FCC to our IEEE 802 meeting so they can better understand the IEEE 802
>process and know us better. Note that the FCC person generally will not
>answer any technical or legal question. My hope is the FCC could better
>understand us and see our collective vision of where the future is heading
>in wireless. I was also going to see if the FCC attendee could give us a
>tutorial on Tuesday evening on how the FCC process works.
>In T1E1, we invite the FCC but T1 must pay for their travel expenses. This
>is the same situation if we invite an FCC member to an IEEE 802 meeting.
>Note that an individual or company cannot pay for this, because of a
>perceived bias. Therefore, in the invitation to the FCC, I will need to
>specify that we cover travel expenses, say up to $4K.
> >From Vic Hayes:
>At the last meeting, 802.11 passed the following motion:
>To request the SEC members to consider by email ballot, paying for travel
>and lodging for a representative of the FCC to attend the March meeting,
>if approved, have the chairman of the
>802.11 ad hoc regulatory group request that an FCC representative attend
>March meeting.
> Vote on the main motion - passes 29:5:2
>I just heard that my sponsor wants me to go to the ITU-R Joint
>Rapporteursgroup 8A-9B meeting rather than to Hilton Head for the IEEE 802
>I found Peter Murray willing to take the leadership.

Bob Heile
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