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RE: IEEE 802 Meeting Attendance

I would also observe that there have been times with economic downturns and
industry belt tightening in the past. They generally have had a minimal
effect on 802.3 attendance. (I expect any other active WG will be similar
but they are outside my experience.)

In March .3 has:
  .3ae preparing 10 Gig draft for WG ballot 
  .3af preparing DTE power for WG ballot
  EFM study group working to get to a PAR.

Serious business, real decisions going on and no one dedicated to the
Ethernet business is going to be able to modify their attendance very much.
.3 will loose a few looky-loos and some duplicate coverage from companies,
but not much. Also note that the economy was already tight in January and
interim attendence was still strong. 

Also, since the interims are past, the only polling reasonable ability for
the chairs is to send an email reflector message out - given Intray overload
of the usual standards participant, I doubt they would get enough responses
to be statistically valuable.


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Subject: Re: IEEE 802 Meeting Attendance

I agree with Roger on this.


At 06:46 AM 2/16/01 -0700, Roger B. Marks wrote:

>I hate to be an obstructionist, but I am not ready to sign on to this
>We already have a process for polling our people as to their intent to 
>attend: namely, preregistration. If the request is to instigate people to 
>make up their minds soon about preregistration, then I'll be happy to 
>pitch in. I can also ask people to cancel if they have preregistered but 
>changed their mind. But just asking people to tell me that they are going 
>to preregister doesn't seem like a worthwhile endeavor.
>At 3:29 PM -0800 01/02/15, Dawn C. Slykhouse wrote:
>>To All IEEE 802 Working Group Chairs:
>>As per Jim Carlo's memo regarding attendees cutbacks,
>>Buzz has requested that we have each WG Chair poll their group
>>to check on the number of attendees who are committed to
>>coming to Hilton Head.
>>This is very important, as we may need to coordinate more overflow
>>guest rooms and meeting space.  As well, this will help us anticipate any
>>and all potential cutbacks.
>>We would appreciate your response by:   Monday, February 19 or sooner.
>>Many thanks,
>>Dawn C. Slykhouse
>>IEEE 802 Conference Organizer
>>cc: Darcel Moro and Buzz Rigsbee
>>Dawn C. Slykhouse
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>>Face To Face Events, Inc.
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>>Santa Clara, CA.  95051
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